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Just Say Know: Project & Timeline

EQ: How do legal and illegal substances impact our lives?

Essential Information


  1. What is this drug/substance? (or chemical) Drug class? Common/colloquial terms?
  2. How is it used in medicine, if at all? How does it interact with other medications or substances?
  3. How is the drug/substance administered? (way it gets into body)
  4. What are the physical (body) and psychological (mind-brain) effects? How is neurotransmission affected? What are the SHORT term effects of use?  What are the LONG term effects of use?
  5. What is the potential for overdose? What might overdose look like?
  6. How long do the effects last? (short term effects/long term effects)
  7. What is the tolerance/withdrawal/overdose of this substance?
  8. What are the laws or social concerns about this drug?
  9. What support systems exist for those addicted to this substance?

Fig. 1. Substance addiction paraphernalia (Temple).