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Research, Citation and Annotated Bibliography

Journal of Articles

As the medical field continues to develop breakthrough technology, it is important for you to be scientifically literate.  Additionally it is very important for you to be proficient at reading and understanding a newspaper or magazine/journal article pertaining to any medical advancement.  And perhaps most importantly, you should be able to see the relevance of these advancements to your own life.

You will spend the year in Anatomy and Physiology collecting and reflecting on articles.  Initially your search may be random and assignment driven.  Our hope is that as the course progresses your collection and reflection of the articles will take on a life of its own that directly connects to a topic of your specific interest.  As you summarize and reflect on the articles, you will begin to increase your understanding of this topic for which you are curious.    

Essential Question

What do you need to know in order to become more scientifically literate in the field of A and P?


Project Components

Your Journal of Articles must meet the following requirements:

  • Your journal contains 10 articles and 10 summary/reactions.

  • Your summaries are 1 paragraph in length and your reaction is 1 paragraph in length.

  • Your journal is organized as follows:     

    • date of entry

    • hard copy of article - glued or stapled

    • summary paragraph

    • reaction paragraph

  • Each article is about a topic in Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • APA style Annotated Bibliography